The Hub Miranda Couvaras

Head Architect Felix Antonius
Director Peter Couvaras

Couvaras Architects is a creative architectural and design consultancy based in Cronulla, Sydney. Founded by Peter Couvaras in 2005, the company is focused on the idea that a collaborative approach to design leads to a built solution attuned to its purpose, as well as the broader issues of context and image. Our method of designing begins by working closely with the client and our design team to understand, in-depth, the written and unwritten program and the complexities of the site, and a dedication to offering innovative design solutions whilst exploring your commercial opportunities to their greatest potential.


Couvaras local and international experience have developed the skills and ability necessary to work across a diverse range of architecture; residential, commercial, multi-unit and medium density housing, ecclesiastical, corporate, hospitality and retail interiors.


The Couvaras Architects team combines the specialist skills of architecture, interior design, strategy, concept, and project management. This ensures our design services are provided efficiently and effectively over the course of any project.